Source code for web3data.handlers.signature

"""This module contains the address subhandler."""

from typing import Dict

from web3data.chains import Chains
from web3data.handlers.base import BaseHandler

[docs]class SignatureHandler(BaseHandler): """The subhandler for signature-related queries.""" def __init__(self, initial_headers: Dict[str, str], chain: Chains): """Return a new :code:`SignatureHandler` instance. :param initial_headers: Base headers to attach to every request :param chain: The blockchain to fetch the information for """ super().__init__(chain) self.initial_headers = initial_headers self.base_url = ""
[docs] def details(self, signature: str) -> Dict: """Retrieves detailed information about the specified signature hash. :param signature: The signature string to look up :return: The API response parsed into a dict """ self._check_chain_supported() return self.raw_query( base_url=self.base_url, route=signature, headers=self.initial_headers, params={}, )