web3data-py Python API

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Obtaining an API Key

Visit Amberdata.io and select the developer plan to get started! Pass your API key to the client instance, either has a hardcoded string, or through an environment variable:

from web3data import Web3Data
w3d = Web3Data("<your key>")

… and start querying!


To install web3data-py, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install web3data

For alternative ways to install the package, check out the installation instructions


from web3data import Web3Data

w3d = Web3Data("<your key>")

This will print the raw response, such as:

{'status': 200,
 'title': 'OK',
 'description': 'Successful request',
 'payload': {'balance': '5296672643815245964',
  'balanceIn': '3.0894905437937322715551e+22',
  'balanceOut': '3.0889608765293507469587e+22',
  'addressType': 'contract',
  'changeInPrice': None,
  'contractTypes': ['ERC721'],
  'decimals': '0',
  'name': 'CryptoKitties',
  'numHolders': '84753',
  'numTokens': '1860119',
  'numTransfers': '2723659',
  'symbol': 'CK',
  'totalSupply': '1860119.0000000000000000',
  'totalValueUSD': None,
  'unitValueUSD': None}}


Check out our contribution guidelines to see how to install the development version and run the test suite!

Don’t have the time to contribute? Open up an issue and we’ll get it fixed! Simply like the project? Tip me some BAT to sponsor development! :)



The initial version of this package was created with Cookiecutter and the audreyr/cookiecutter-pypackage project template.