Source code for web3data.handlers.api

"""This module contains the main API handler class."""

from typing import Any, List

import requests

from web3data import __version__
from web3data.chains import Chains
from web3data.exceptions import APIError
from web3data.handlers.address import AddressHandler
from web3data.handlers.block import BlockHandler
from web3data.handlers.contract import ContractHandler
from import MarketHandler
from web3data.handlers.signature import SignatureHandler
from web3data.handlers.token import TokenHandler
from web3data.handlers.transaction import TransactionHandler
from web3data.handlers.websocket import WebsocketHandler

[docs]class APIHandler: """The API handler object for client requests.""" def __init__(self, api_key: str, blockchain_id: str, chain: Chains): """Return a new API handler instance. :param api_key: The API key to attach to request headers :param blockchain_id: The ID of the blockchain to query for :param chain: The enum value for the blockchain to query for """ self.api_key = api_key self.blockchain_id = blockchain_id self.chain = chain # TODO: Validation headers = { "x-api-key": self.api_key, "x-amberdata-blockchain-id": self.blockchain_id, "User-Agent": f"web3data-py v{__version__}", } self.address = AddressHandler(headers, chain) self.token = TokenHandler(headers, chain) self.contract = ContractHandler(headers, chain) self.transaction = TransactionHandler(headers, chain) self.block = BlockHandler(headers, chain) self.signature = SignatureHandler(headers, chain) = MarketHandler(headers, chain) self.websocket = WebsocketHandler( api_key=self.api_key, blockchain_id=self.blockchain_id )
[docs] def rpc(self, method: str, params: List[str], ident: int = 1): """Perform an HTTP POST RPC call on the API. Consult the docs here for further details on supported commands: :param method: The RPC method to call :param params: Parameters attached to the RPC call :param ident: RPC call identifier """ if self.chain not in (Chains.ETH, Chains.ETH_RINKEBY, Chains.BTC): raise APIError(f"RPC calls are not supported for {self.chain}") return "", json={ "jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": method, "params": params, "id": ident, }, headers={"x-amberdata-blockchain-id": self.blockchain_id}, params={"x-api-key": self.api_key}, ).json()